On the continent of Azura, boxed in between the Empire of Zun, the Ancient Forest, the Sea of Storms and the Kyzian Empire, you will find the Cursed Lands. From north to south and east to west, the Cursed Lands cover roughly 4 million square miles (slightly bigger than Canada).

An ancient land, populated long ago, the Cursed Lands have seen more than seven different empires rule it’s lands and collapse over the course of it’s last 4000 years.

Nowadays, no empires are found in the Cursed Lands. Three Kingdoms and a lot of city-states and alliances thereof make their home there. After the Demon War, a bit more than 150 years ago, which left the Cursed Lands broken and depopulated, the people are still struggling to tame the wilderness. Large swats of land are practically devoid of anything resembling civilization.

Now more than ever, the Cursed Lands is a place for those who seek to make their own fortune. Kingdoms and warlords are expanding, the cities are full of spies and guilds fighting for power and money, while the wilderness is filled with monsters and the ruins of multiple empires.

Tucked away all to the west of the Cursed Lands, you will find the Seven Army Nation, a coalition of city-states ruled by brutal warlords and hard men. Surrounded by the Faerie Forest and the Endless Hills to the north, the Oakwood, the Howling Mountains and the Forest of Despair to the east, the Narrow Sea to the south and the White Jungle, the Hollow Hills, the Dragon Mountains and the Ancient Forest to the west, the Seven Army Nation is fairly isolated from the other nations. On the other hand, there are a lot of monsters both in and near the cities, and the warlords are constantly seeking ways to acquire more land without going outright to war with their allies.

Right now, things are brewing in center of the nation.

The Cursed Lands